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5 Signs That Your Sugar Baby Is Fake

Let’s assume somewhere in a luxurious restaurant a stunning lady approaches you, claiming she’s a sugar baby. She tells you that she’s ready to give you anything in exchange for your financial support. Being charmed, you agree. She spends one night with you, you give her the money and then… she vanishes.

This is an example of a fake sugar baby. How not to get in the soup?

1. Fake sugar baby has no profile on a sugar dating site

Before agreeing for any kind of relationship with an unknown woman, check her on social media and sugar dating websites. If she doesn’t have a profile anywhere, well, it’s a red flag.

A real sugar baby, for the sake of her own safety, would rather approach you through the sugar dating website. There she will have detailed information about her views on sugar dating and expectations of a relationship.

There, you may also check her rating and see the reviews of other people. Professional sugar dating sites will even provide verification of her account so that sugar daddies stay safe.

2. Fake sugar baby’s profile on a dating site looks suspicious

Before you decide to send a request to a lady on a sugar dating site, check if:

  • She has high-quality photos with her face visible
  • Detailed personal data
  • Her account is verified
  • She has a high rating

Otherwise, you may end up approaching a scammer.

Sugar Baby scams

3. A fake sugar baby asks you for money before the meetup

However, you shall be careful even if you are using a sugar dating site. Some girls will try to ask you for personal information (which is usually prohibited on such sites) in order to approach you on social media and beg for money.

Fake sugar babies will also ask you for your bank account and other bank details. They may ask you to send them the money in advance or tell you a «touching story» in order to steal your money.

Remember – no money before you set up a date and discuss all the details of your potential relationship with a sugar baby.

4. Fake sugar baby talks about marriage a lot

If you are already dating a sugar baby, pay attention to how she behaves. Does she talk a lot about how much she wants to get married?

Well, she’s a fake sugar baby. Probably, she’s testing you to see if you could marry her. If you do marry her, she could divorce you and get your money. An experienced and genuine sugar baby knows that your relationship is temporary and would not insist on marriage, taking advantage of your wallet.

5. Fake sugar baby avoids going public with you

Have you tried inviting your sugar baby on a bohemian event or to a well-known restaurant in the city centre? Does she keep skipping such dates and agrees only for private meetings? This is another ground for concern.

Your sugar baby might have screwed some other rich men in the city and doesn’t want to bump into them in public places. If it’s true, then she’s fake.

Watch out while searching for a relationship with no obligations and good luck!

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How To Be A Good Sugar Baby? 5 Secrets to Attract Your Dream Sugar Daddies

Being a sugar baby isn’t a super-easy thing. You have to handle many things (about yourself) to attract the best sugar daddies around. What do you need for that? Here are five secrets that will help you to become a good sugar baby.

Secret 1. Never be late

Being late for the date by thirty minutes (just because you couldn’t decide what to wear or because you were doing makeup for too long) is a highway to failure. Sugar daddies are typically busy men. They have their businesses, projects, negotiations and so on to carry. This is the reason why they resorted to sugar dating — they simply don’t have time to dive deep into a traditional relationship.

You can be a good sugar baby by respecting the precious time of your sugar daddy living a hectic life. Come to dates in time, leave when it’s appropriate and never bargain about getting more attention from him.

Secret 2. Don’t be clingy

It doesn’t matter if you start having feelings for your sugar daddy or not, it is better to never be clingy. Don’t chase after him, don’t disturb him with your calls and texting, don’t stalk him on social media or elsewhere. Otherwise, you may irritate and, therefore, lose him.

Give him your attention, but only when he asks for it or when you are 100% sure he is in need of it. 

Secret 3. Be attractive physically

Another secret of a good sugar baby lies in her attractiveness. You’re lucky if you have been gifted by natural beauty. But no matter what, you must take good care of your body to maintain that beauty.

Work out, get some massage, enjoy facial procedures, get skin and hair care, do your manicure, etc. All these small things will pay you back as you will get attracted by the best sugar daddy.

Secret 4. Watch your fashion

Dressing up well is another important aspect of luring the best sugar daddy. If you have no idea about how to dress up properly, turn to fashion magazines, online blogs or tips from professional stylists. Get your branded clothes in the best boutiques — sugar daddies will appreciate your efforts and give you more money!

Also, take into consideration your makeup. You shall not cover your face in layers of foundation and concealer, and your eye-shadows shall not be as bright as for the Brazilian carnival. At the same time, avoiding any makeup may not do you a favour, so always stick to the «golden mean» rule. 

Secret 5. Learn how to do the talking

Being a sugar baby doesn’t mean being an alive Barbie doll. To succeed, you need to show your personality and character. You need to know how to maintain the flow of conversation and be able to discuss such topics like art and even politics.

To improve, read a lot of books and watch good quality films (like dramas or documentaries). This way you will get some ideas for meaningful conversations with a sugar daddy. If you aren’t sure in your skills, practice with your friends, but most importantly, remain yourself and behave naturally.

These were five secrets of becoming a super sugar baby. Use them and good luck!

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Sugar Daddy Arrangement Examples: Best Tips

Many sugar babies, especially newbies, wonder about how to make an ideal arrangement with sugar daddies. Shall they announce their conditions in advance? Or shall they quietly wait for the offer from the sugar daddy’s side? Shall they ask for money or for gifts? Or shall they just things get solved on their own?

Here are a few examples of how to make an arrangement with a sugar daddy and feel comfortable.

1. Write down your expectations

Before you pronounce your demands, conditions or expectations to a sugar daddy (or before he asks you directly about them), think about what you want.

  • Do you want him to cover your tuition fees?
  • Do you want him to monthly pay your bills?
  • Or maybe you expect quarterly or weekly allowances?
  • Or maybe gifts would suffice you?
  • Or maybe you want as much as exotic tours to wild islands?

Write down what you need, but remember that you have to be specific. If you go for allowances, be clear with yourself about how much you need. If it’s about gifts, specify which kind of gifts you would like to get regularly — jewellery or SPA-salon certificates?

Once you know what you want, you will easily filter out those sugar daddies who don’t meet your expectations. You won’t stumble over your own words when the rich man asks you what you want and you won’t be disappointed or duped.

2. Adjust your sugar baby profile

Expecting that a sugar daddy raises the topic concerning your arrangement is a waste of time. Firstly, he might not do it thinking you don’t care about the financial side of your relationships. Secondly, you will have to go on first dates with many men who might not fit you, and you will realize it too late.

In order to prevent such embarrassing situations, let all sugar daddies know in which direction you’re moving — set the record straight in your profile. Many sugar dating sites provide a field for such descriptions. Use that opportunity! State that you expect $3,000 per month and you won’t have to waste your time on men who can afford only $1,500 monthly.

3. Discuss your expectations during the first date (not the second)

Stating what you need in the profile is good but not enough, though. You have to bring your conditions into the conversation during the very first date with a sugar daddy.

  1. Is your relationship going to be platonic or sexual?
  2. Will he provide you with financial support?
  3. How often will you meet?
  4. Are there any restrictions regarding dating other men?
  5. Are you allowed to show off about your sugar relationship in social media?

These are the questions to be discussed when making an arrangement with your sugar daddy. Be careful, however, not to turn your date into a job interview — it’s a relationship anyway. Keep things romantic, you have to impress the sugar daddy, so ask the questions you’re interested in unobtrusively but firmly.

So let’s recall the examples of sugar daddy arrangement one more time: first, you write down what you need (for yourself), second, you announce your expectations in the sugar dating profile (to filter out men who are none of your interest), third, discuss peculiarities with the sugar daddy face-to-face. That’s it!

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Good Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Profile Examples

So you have decided to go sugar, haven’t you? And the first little challenge that you are facing is to create an attractive either sugar baby or sugar daddy profile to lure your potential partner, are we right?

No worries, we have collected good examples of sugar daddy and sugar baby profiles for your easy start. Check them and don’t you forget to make your own sugar profile appealing.

Good examples of sugar daddy profiles

1. Tariff (Established Men)

Even though this user doesn’t provide a lot of information about himself, his profile looks attractive and trustworthy since he shows his face in a modest photo and mentions the country of origin and his age.



2. Succex1 (SugarDaddie)

This daddy’s case is the opposite — he has a blurred profile photo but his personal information section is very rich in facts and his own expectations of a potential relationship. It is always a good strategy to provide as detailed information as possible — to attract sugar babies which would be a perfect match for you.


3. Heartfinder (Established Men)

Sugar daddy under this nickname has a nice profile with a good photo which shows the face and the most important and succinct information about interests in a relationship and appearance features.


4. Thomas8814 (SugarDaddie)

This sugar daddy decided to lure his sugar babies by sharing a romantic photo of himself — looking straight into the camera. Many sugar daddies upload very revealing photos of themselves or their body parts, but it might not always be a good strategy to attract sugar babies. Therefore, learn from Thomas8814 .



Good examples of sugar baby profiles

1. Yana, 23 (Emily Dates)

Sugar baby tamaragriggs28 seems to know that the best way to attract a sugar daddy is by uploading a nice photo of herself which is modest and seductive at the same time.


2. GoldenBelle2 (Seeking)

This user has a pretty strong profile in terms of information provided, you have a great opportunity to learn from this sugar baby. Tell your potential sugar daddy about your interests in a relationship, describe your appearance in detail and, most importantly, be sincere about those details.



3. Nastya, 25 (EmilyDates)

This sugar baby did the right thing by adding high-quality photos of herself — this is the best way to catch an eye of sugar daddies. To get photos of high resolution for your sugar profile, you may resort to the services of professional photographers, unless you don’t have a friend with a good camera. Moreover, this lady’s profile is very detailed when it comes to her expectations of a relationship and so on. Keep that in mind!


4. Prettyviolet (Seeking)

This sugar babe’s profile suffices — the lady shows her best features through nice and cute selfies.


Hopefully, these profiles will become handy for you when you set up your own sugar baby or sugar daddy account. Wish you tons of luck!


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Where To Find A Sugar Baby?

When you have decided that you will go for a sugar relationship, it is time to pick yourself a partner. Choosing a sugar baby is a big deal as the relationship has to be mutually beneficial and bring you joy. Hence, it is important to go for the right lady who can make a good sugar baby. But where do you start your search?

There are a few tips you can follow to make your choice precise and successful.

Tip 1. Ask your friends

You never know where a perfect woman can occur. Ask your friends if they know anybody who can meet your demands. Surely, there are no guarantees that regular women would agree on the terms of a sugar relationship, but there is a chance. Moreover, your close people probably know you well and can see what kind of woman would suit you.

Tip 2. Look in the luxurious places

The places potential sugar babies visit to hook up a wealthy man are usually quite luxurious. If you are planning to contribute financially to your sugar relationship, it would be no trouble for you to visit elite clubs or restaurants in the search for a lady who would agree to become your sugar baby.

Also, there is a possibility to meet your potential sugar babe in the regular public places. But note that you have to be very careful explaining the terms of a relationship to the women you can meet there. After all, the majority of women go for traditional interaction and are not quite ready to contribute to a sugar relationship the way you would want them to.

Tip 3. Look online

The internet is a perfect platform to do the search. Social networks hold millions of female profiles, and you can even have some fun looking for women there. Dating websites will do as well, offering you thousands of attractive women looking for partners.

The only thing is that you have to be picky there. Again, not every single woman wants a sugar relationship. Anyway, there is nothing that can stop you from communication. Perhaps you will find more than you expected to receive?

Tip 4. Check sugar dating sites

Sugar dating sites were created for those who don’t to waste their time on a useless search. On those platforms, there are only women who agree to be sugar babies. It is convenient and safe to ask women there if they are looking for a sponsor. The risk of misunderstanding is rather small. Hence, it appears to be the most effective way of looking for a sugar baby.

Tip 5. Be persistent, yet delicate

Always remember to be polite while talking to women anywhere. A good impression is priceless. Moreover, a sugar relationship is a relationship first of all. So, you have to treat potential sugar babies with delicacy and respect. Be a gentleman, and it won’t take long before you find your perfect sugar baby.

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Are Free Dating Websites Better Than Paid Ones?

If you have already tried the dating sites, you may wonder why some of them require payment. Well, not everybody is ready to pay for the services when there are social media or other free sources where you can establish contact or even try to start a relationship. That is the reason why many men choose free sites.

However, it is not so easy to decide when you finally get to see the benefits. Free websites don't ask for money, but, unfortunately, they can't give you all that the paid dating websites are ready to offer you. Hence, here we present the benefits of the paid sugar daddy dating sites.

Safety as a top priority

Anything can happen to you on a free site. You can get scammed, and nobody will be responsible for that but you. Moreover, it will be a lot of mess, and really hard to prove that there was a person who actually stole your money.

As for the paid sources, they usually have a very strong anti-fraud system, which encodes your data and doesn't let your personal info to be delivered to the third parties. Moreover, the site's team usually watches the suspicious accounts or activity, and check them.

The verification procedure is obligatory on the paid dating websites when on the free ones there is usually nothing like that. This procedure is just another stage of checking to make sure that people on the site are real. What's more, if we talk of the sugar daddy dating platforms, there even the income is checked to make sure that a man isn't lying.

All that put together makes good customer support and protects the users from potential online threats.

Databases are better

There is no such control over the databases on the free sites as there are on the paid ones. We have already mentioned the verification, and so it helps in building up a decent list of the active users.

The members of paid dating venues know exactly what they come for, and so they are aimed at a particular relationship. This interest makes the communication effective, and there are more chances that you will succeed in your search, whether it is love or a mutually beneficial agreement.

The profiles have a certain pattern, so you can count on them to be full and informative. A lot of info gets checked, which makes the searching process easier, and the image of a person clearer in your mind. As for the free sites, you can't say if there is a fraudster or an honest person behind the profile, and that is a risk.

Services are honest

When you get a paid service, you know that people do the job for you. Translate your messages if necessary, send the gifts or even organize the date to make sure that everything goes well. Those who do this are professionals, and you see what you pay for. The result is visible, and you don't get any troubles in the communication process. You won't be able to have such a benefit on the free site, where you have to do everything on your own and might face some unexpected obstacles.

Again, on the paid sources customer's service is always there for you to answer the questions and provide the necessary assistance. As a rule, it happens very fast, not like on some dating websites where you don't pay for anything.

It is just honest

To sum up, we can just say that the result you get is really worth your money. All of the mentioned factors put together give you almost a 100% guarantee that you will find who you need thanks to the paid services of a good dating site. As for the sugar daddy concept of relationship, in particular, it is worth paying for, as you are going to have the expenses anyway, and it is better to support yourself with a high-quality service then just hope for the best and pay nothing.

Free doesn't always mean accessible, and there are cases when it is better to spend some and be sure that you aren't wasting your effort. People who do the job for you are responsible for what they do, and it is one more of your guarantees that the searching process will go fine.

Moreover, paid dating websites usually attract decent ladies and gentlemen, so if you are looking for a presentable partner, that's where you should definitely search.

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