Sugar Daddy Arrangement Examples: Best Tips

April 29, 2019
Sugar Daddy Arrangement Examples: Best Tips

Many sugar babies, especially newbies, wonder about how to make an ideal arrangement with sugar daddies. Shall they announce their conditions in advance? Or shall they quietly wait for the offer from the sugar daddy’s side? Shall they ask for money or for gifts? Or shall they just things get solved on their own?

Here are a few examples of how to make an arrangement with a sugar daddy and feel comfortable.

1. Write down your expectations

Before you pronounce your demands, conditions or expectations to a sugar daddy (or before he asks you directly about them), think about what you want.

  • Do you want him to cover your tuition fees?
  • Do you want him to monthly pay your bills?
  • Or maybe you expect quarterly or weekly allowances?
  • Or maybe gifts would suffice you?
  • Or maybe you want as much as exotic tours to wild islands?

Write down what you need, but remember that you have to be specific. If you go for allowances, be clear with yourself about how much you need. If it’s about gifts, specify which kind of gifts you would like to get regularly — jewellery or SPA-salon certificates?

Once you know what you want, you will easily filter out those sugar daddies who don’t meet your expectations. You won’t stumble over your own words when the rich man asks you what you want and you won’t be disappointed or duped.

2. Adjust your sugar baby profile

Expecting that a sugar daddy raises the topic concerning your arrangement is a waste of time. Firstly, he might not do it thinking you don’t care about the financial side of your relationships. Secondly, you will have to go on first dates with many men who might not fit you, and you will realize it too late.

In order to prevent such embarrassing situations, let all sugar daddies know in which direction you’re moving — set the record straight in your profile. Many sugar dating sites provide a field for such descriptions. Use that opportunity! State that you expect $3,000 per month and you won’t have to waste your time on men who can afford only $1,500 monthly.

3. Discuss your expectations during the first date (not the second)

Stating what you need in the profile is good but not enough, though. You have to bring your conditions into the conversation during the very first date with a sugar daddy.

  1. Is your relationship going to be platonic or sexual?
  2. Will he provide you with financial support?
  3. How often will you meet?
  4. Are there any restrictions regarding dating other men?
  5. Are you allowed to show off about your sugar relationship in social media?

These are the questions to be discussed when making an arrangement with your sugar daddy. Be careful, however, not to turn your date into a job interview — it’s a relationship anyway. Keep things romantic, you have to impress the sugar daddy, so ask the questions you’re interested in unobtrusively but firmly.

So let’s recall the examples of sugar daddy arrangement one more time: first, you write down what you need (for yourself), second, you announce your expectations in the sugar dating profile (to filter out men who are none of your interest), third, discuss peculiarities with the sugar daddy face-to-face. That’s it!