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Sugar Daddy For Me Site Overview

Sugar Daddy For Me review

Get Yourself A Sugar Daddy On SugarDaddyForMe

Sugar Daddy For Me is a niche dating site that is perfect for individuals who are into sugar dating. The website was launched in 2004, and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity. The online dating site helps older men or women in finding younger women or men. Most of these users are interested in pampering and spoiling their sugar babies. However, even if you are interested in sexual relationships, you will definitely find like-minded users on the site.

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Users sign up on this platform to look for partners who will not only love them but also support them mentally. They are also looking for mentors in real life. One can operate the site from all around the globe. Moreover, with the unique features and functions of the site, Sugar Daddy For Me dating site is one of the premium dating sites in the industry. Even if you are a new user, the functionality of the site is pretty simple. So, it won’t be a challenging task to find a match on the site and communicating with a user.

There are plenty of sugar daddy dating sites available on the internet. So, why should you choose Sugar Daddy For Me website? In this detailed review, we have analyzed all the benefits and features of using the site. So, read on to find out whether this is the right fit for you or not.

Everything about Sugar Daddy For Me


Sugar Daddy For Me is gaining popularity at a rapid pace, and there are new logins from around the world. Every day around 1000 new users sign up on the site and start their search for a sugar baby. There are around 4 million users from the USA alone. Moreover, with 2000 daily logins, one can find a match at most times during the day. The large user base is a great advantage.

Most of the women on the platform are tired of dating immature men and men who are broke. So, SugarDaddyForMe provides a great platform for such women who are interested in older but reliable and financially sufficient men. They might be looking for sugar daddies to pamper them and support them both mentally and financially. With around 50,000 users active on a monthly basis, the dating site provides a wide array of options to men and women. Even the number of females compared to males is quite high. Around 65 percent of the entire user base are females. However, one drawback of using the site is the number of fake profiles. There is no mandatory email verification procedure. Therefore, you never know whether you are talking to real users or fake ones. So, make sure you are cautious while communicating with other users, especially those who are new on the platform. There have been reviews claiming scams on the site done by new users.

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The online dating platform provides free and premium users with plenty of features. However, the avail complete access to all the benefits of the site, one would need a premium membership plan which allows them complete access. Using this plan, finding the right sugar baby or sugar daddy wouldn’t take long. Even standard users have some basic features to utilize. These would provide them with enough exposure to get a gist of what the site has to offer. Some special features such as Weekend Planner helps members plan their meet with other users in a hassle-free way.

The site is safe and secure to use, and the user's personal information is protected. Even the transactions are secured, and all the e-com data is encrypted. One can find people who are looking for support and mentoring as well as sexual relationships on the site.


Sugar Daddy For Me is a premium sugar dating service with around 6 million users. Therefore, all the services provided by the site has to be top-notch. The same is the case with the information provided on users' profiles. One can easily find all the necessary information on the profiles. The information provided on members' profiles is taken from the details provided at the time of registration. Make sure you go through the profile information properly to know about the person that you are interested in. This will provide you with an idea of whether the person is the right fit for you or not.

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There is some useful information mentioned on users' profiles on the site. These details are safe and secure, and there has been no breach of user information reported in the past. One can find details such as name, age, location, race, marital status, physical features, and height. Users can also mention their income to attract sugar babies. There is a profile description section as well, where most users mention their interests and preferences. Most of the users clearly state here whether they are interested in mentoring and support or just sexual relationships.

There is also a section where a user can mention the characteristics and the type of person that they are looking for. Even though this is an optional section, the majority of the users have provided information in this section. Aside from these details, there are photos as well. These photos are checked by the support team. Therefore, one can be sure that these are real profiles.

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Registration and safety

The registration procedure on Sugar Daddy For Me dating site is quite simple and quick. The procedure can be completed in about 5 minutes. Users will have to provide details such as name, gender, preference, age, location, physical features, height, photos, and age range. Moreover, the profile description section and the section where they are mention about their ideal match is highly beneficial in building the profile. All these details are used for profile creation. So, make sure that you only provide accurate details and as much information as possible.

The dating site claims that users with photos get 20 times more responses. Therefore, make sure that you upload high quality and clear image. The profile photo that you upload should be stunning, and it will definitely get you more matches and interactions. However, if the support team finds your profile photo violating their terms, your account might get banned. So, upload a clear and appropriate photo. There have been several reviews where the users' accounts have been banned due to inappropriate or nude images. One of the biggest advantages of using Sugar Daddy For Me website is that users get to explore the members and browse without having to create an account. New users who haven’t yet registered on the site can conduct various searches as an outsider.

Even though the website does not require users to verify their email address, there is a decent background check that is done by the support team. However, these checks are quite delayed, and there are plenty of new users who have fake accounts and try to scam other users. So, make sure you stay away from unreliable new users. Aside from the new users, the site is safe to use and is protected by 129-bit SSL encryption.


Sugar Daddy For Me has plenty of services for standard as well as premium users. Standard users can register, create a profile, browse through profiles, view photos, and send up to three photos on the site. With these basic features, they can get a decent idea about the services that are on offer for the premium users and how efficiently they work.

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Premium users, on the other hand, can use all the functionalities and features of the site depending on their membership plan. Premium members can highlight their profiles, get faster approvals, have access to unlimited mail storage, add profile notes, and search results on priority.


There is no credit based system on Sugar Daddy For Me dating site. However, there are some interesting membership plans that are available for users to take advantage of all the features of the site.

The pricing system on the site is as follows:

  • Silver Membership
    • 1 month – USD 39.95
  • Silver Membership + Total Access
    • 1 month – USD 54.90
  • Gold Membership
    • 1 month – USD 44.95
  • Gold Membership + Total Access
    • 1 month – USD 59.90

The membership plans on Sugar Daddy For Me website are quite expensive compared to other dating platforms. However, with a large database and effective services, it is a worthy investment.

In this review, we analyzed the features and functions of Sugar Daddy For Me. The dating site is safe and secure and has plenty of features on offer. So, waste no more time. Sign up today and try your luck in sugar dating!

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