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Date your Sugar Daddy with Emily Dates

Dating online is a trend. Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship online is a widespread practice. Now it is a real thing to find a person who will meet your demands and complete you in all ways.

Finding your sugar daddy or sugar babe is possible if you do it with the help of the right dating venue. Now there are various specialized dating sites which can be a real help in this process. But how do you choose the right one?

Here is a review of one of the most popular sugar daddy dating platforms – Emily Dates. This site has a big audience and a lot of admirers, and if you want to know why there are so many of them, read this article!

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All about Emily Dates


When you go to a specialized dating venue, you have to know clearly who is there. Hence you can make your communication and time there pleasant and effective, and won't regret the money spent.

So, EmilyDates is a website where the customers know what they want from a relationship and don't hesitate to show it. It is a perfect place for sugar daddy dating, and you can find your sugar babe fast.

The ladies who come to this site are of different ages and different appearances, with various demands and many things they can offer. Every woman on EmilyDates looks for a man, who would first of all financially support her. Nobody knows what this kind of relationship can grow into later, but at the first stage it surely is a mutually beneficial action.

Women may need money for different purposes. Somebody just want a better life level, some of them have to pay for the studying. There can be various reasons to search for a sponsor, but one thing stays the same: women on EmilyDates do it honestly.

As for the male members, they also are on the site for a particular goal. As a rule, they look for a decent company, that's why they need attractive ladies who are ready to do that. Giving money to women for them to follow you is a wide-spread practice, and there is nothing special or “wrong.” When you have an agreement with a woman, and both of you knows what you can count on in this relationship, it is even saner and a couple who may try to build up love and be dishonest.

Sugar daddies can easily find their sugar babes on EmilyDates because it is a good place for this kind of relationship.


EmilyDates is a well-known, high-quality and continuously developing site. Its database is wide, and it gets wider every day. The new profiles appear on the site daily, so you can tell that people like it and use it a lot in their search for sugar babe or sugar daddy. You can choose from a variety of accounts and be sure that there is your perfect match.

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You can find some basic information about a person on their profile, and, what's more, there people usually mention who and what they expect to find. Women state their demands, so you can see the real number and decide if you are ready to start a chat with her. As for the male accounts, there should be an income mentioned, so the ladies can also see if they want to try and date a particular man.

Hence you can be sure that the search will be efficient, as there won't be any mystery around anyone's personality or expectations. Sugar daddy dating is quite a straightforward thing, so people who support the idea of it are usually very precise in their statements.

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Registration and safety

The registration process doesn't take much time. Moreover, it is free, so you don't have to pay for registration of your profile. But although the procedure of creating your personal page is not so long, you will have to follow the safety rules and go through a verification process. It is an obligatory safety measure that guarantees that the members of EmilyDates are secure.

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What do they check about you? Well, first of all, the site doesn't let fakes in, so the administration will check if you are a real person by the documents. Then, if you are a sugar daddy, EmilyDates will check your income and see if it is real and official. The site's team doesn't want to put any of its customers under any threat, and so it is important for them to not have the problems if there is something wrong with the income. Also, they can ask you some questions about your aim of coming to the sugar daddy dating site to see what you are going to look for. It is a regular procedure every good site would have.


The main aim of EmilyDates is to let people with common love interests find each other. Hence, the services are all connected with communication. It is chatting, instant messaging, emailing and date organization. With the Premium account, you get extra service like the access to the hidden photo galleries and exchanging contact info.

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There is no membership on EmilyDates, there is a credit system, where you buy credits in packs and spend them on the necessary services.

Here is the average pricing.

  • 25 credits - $49.99
  • 50 credits - $59.99
  • 150 credits - $124.99
  • 500 credits - $299.99

You can notice that there is a chance for saving if you buy more at once, which is beneficial if you are serious about your intentions to stay on the site.

EmilyDates appears to be an honest and well-mastered website that gives real result and helps to establish a relationship that you need. Give it a try and find your sugar baby!

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